Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've felt so stirred up for so long, weeks and weeks, that now things are starting to settle and it feels like my brain actually gets a chance to rest once in a while.

Yesterday I started my class series and it definitely went directions I wasn't expecting but I think at the end it shook out to be beneficial for everyone. Interesting how that happens sometimes, my ego was a little bruised but I think I recovered well and offered what was needed in the moment.

When I got into the BFW program and started learning about mentoring I didn't get it. I guess I did get it to a point, but now that I've gone through this gauntlet these last few weeks and had this opportunity to clarify my values and where I want to go as a doula and educator, the mentoring appeals much more to me. My partner agrees and this is the energy we are taking into our work. Personally I think BFW relies a little too much on it and isn't quite as balanced as *I* needed, but yeah, I think they're definitely on to something.